Who is The Most Expensive World Cup Team In 2018?

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32 teams will be arriving to Russia for the FIFA World Cup 2018, every team aims to bring the World Cup trophy home with them. Only one team out of 32 will be successful and that will depend totally on how they will perform during the event.

To  Win the World Cup a lot of things count, and the one thing that counts the most is which team has a majority of reputable names, as not all teams are equal when it comes to the level of talent.

In case you’re wondering which team is the most expensive in World Cup 2018 here at WorldCupZen we’ve got the answer. Brazil is the most expensive World Cup 2018 team that is going to Russia for the tournament. With a count of 25 players on the team combined, they have market value of 673 Million Euros. With Germany and France both sharing the second spot on stat sheet with a worth of 636.5 Million Euros each.

Brazil Squad Lineup


  • Alisson
  • Cassio
  • Ederson


  • Danilo
  • Miranda
  • Marquinhos,
  • Thiago Silva,
  • Daniel Alves
  • Jemerson
  • Filipe Luis
  • Marcelo


  • Casemiro
  • Fernandinho
  • Paulinho
  • Renato Augusto
  • Philippe
  • Willian
  • Arthur
  • Diego
  • Fred


  • Diego Tardelli
  • Gabriel Jesus
  • Neymar
  • Roberto Firmino


So why is the Brazil team so expensive?

One of the main reason for the Brazil team to be so expensive is that the majority of Brazilian players don’t play in the national league.  Matches that includes around 88% percent of the national team are not played in the national league. They are vastly divided across Europe where they play in the European leagues and cups namely:

  • Premier League
  • La liga
  • Serie A
  • Bundesliga
  • Ligue 1

Having a total worth of  673 Million Euros, the average price of every Brazilian player is around 26.9 Million Euro.

Germany and France hold the second spot. they are not far behind  Brazil in their worth and this follows the same reasoning. About 42% of German football players that play for the national team are deployed abroad. It is the same story with France but the percentage is significantly higher being around 58%.

Germany and France both have total worth of 636.5 Million Euros each, the average price of every German and French players is 26.5 Million Euro.

Top 10 Expensive Teams of FIFA World Cup 2018

  1. Brazil (673 Million Euros)
  2. France (636 Million Euros)
  3. Germany (636 Million Euros)
  4. Spain (603.5 Million Euros)
  5. Argentina (528.5 Million Euros)
  6. Belgium (503.8Million Euros)
  7. England (339Million Euros)
  8. Croatia (294.8 Million Euros)
  9. Portugal  (279.1 Million Euros)
  10. Poland  (220.3 Million Euros)
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