Top 6 players who won’t play in the FIFA World cup 2018

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With the FIFA World Cup 2018 is here and people from all around the world will be arriving in Russia to support their favorite teams and players. But will the players you love be in the World Cup? Here at WorldCupZen, we have compiled a list of top players that won’t be playing.

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6 Jan Oblak, Slovenia

A really fine goalkeeper who plays for Atletico Madrid. he was mocked for chucking away the ball carelessly and giving his opponents a golden opportunity to score which they did. It’s safe to say the save wouldn’t have landed them a qualification but the world won’t get to see one of the world’s three best goalkeepers.


5 Antonio Valencia, Ecuador

Ecuador has been seen to rise to the status of a great team impressing fans and haters alike by showing great performance in the Copa Americas, seeing them fall short of the world cup qualification has everyone shocked. Captain Antonio Valencia who’s a top player for Manchester United couldn’t pull them out of this one. Not qualifying means bye bye from the World Cup for Valencia.


4 Arturo Vidal, Chile

The South American qualifying stage was bound to see one big name not making it since it comprised of some of the top teams of the world. This turned out to be Chile and along with it some top players. One of these players being Arturo Vidal.  Chile fans and football enthusiasts alike won’t be getting to see this intelligent yet skillfully artistic and aggressive player out on the field in the World Cup.


3 Gareth Bale, Wales

Gareth Bale the Real Madrid winger could only sit and watch in pain as his home country lost 1-0 to Ireland and lost their qualification. The winger couldn’t play because of an injury, oh poor Gareth!  We could only imagine what it feels like to watch your country not going on the WorldCup.

Gareth Bale Wales National Team Match

Gareth Bale National Team Wales

2 Arjen Robben, Netherlands

This man is still doing wonders at the fine age of 33 but by the time the next world cup is around which is 2022 he most definitely won’t be his finest. Fans won’t be able to see him dominate the field in the 2018 world cup since the Dutch couldn’t qualify.

1 Alexis Sanchez, Chile

Oh Chile what have you done? Will be what most fans must be thinking right now. No Arturo Vidal and no Chile also means no Alexis Sanchez, one of the finest attacking stars in the world.

Alexis Sánchez

He showed great performance in the 2014 world cup in Brazil scoring goal after goal. His performance has been so consistent and admirable many were shocked as to why he wasn’t nominated for the Ballon d’Or. An exciting sight, a consistent player and a passionate performer, many fans will surely miss him in Russia.

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