Will Argentina win the World Cup?

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A while back when after a defeat by Chili, Messi retired from the international team (Argentina), the whole world was in shock. But the players of his team were shocked the most. Messi got emotional and made a decision which he later took back.

Jorge Sanpaolo’s men had to struggle a lot in the qualifying rounds, just winning over 7 matches out of the total of 18 group games. At the end they were able to secure the seats at the world cup by winning the last qualification match, and as always, the man of the match Messi scored a wonderful hat-trick against Ecuador with a victory of 3-1.

After that amazing win from Ecuador, Messi and his teammates have lost 1-0 to the hosts of the World Cup (Russia) and an embarrassing loss of 4-2 to Nigeria in a friendly match. Sanpaolo’s men are not showing promise and the only person who can make the difference is none other than the 5 times Balloon D’Or winner Lionel Messi, the Argentinian Captain.

The Argentinian Captain had to drag his team into the finals of the world cup 2014 and he did the same and made sure that his side qualified for this time too.

One of the strikers who will be in the attacks alongside Messi will be Paulo Dybala who always gets called whenever Argentina has a match. The Juventus marksmen has wowed his opponents, fans and his own team mates ever since he joined the club in 2015 by scoring almost 45 goals in 86 games. He becomes a great threat for the opponent defense as he is one of the best dribblers out there and also has a way to net the ball from a free kick. Dybala alongside Messi and Higuaín become a deadly attacking trio for the International team.

As good the attack can be, but when we talk about the defense about the International team so that is some other story. As strong as the attack of Sanpaolo’s men have they lack in the defensive department. Sanpaolo still plays Mascherano who is 33 years old has had his share time of playing for his country. As the player is getting older, some of the players are replacing him like the Center Back of United, M. Rojo a 28 years lad who has showed a lot of promise in keeping the attackers of the opponents away from the goal keeper. But as there are no world class keepers in their arsenal so this is the area where they get beaten.

It is surly safe to say that Messi as being the Captain and Jorge Sampaoli as their coach, the team can thrive and can manage themselves in the World Cup. All they need is a bit of a luck and some of the Messi Magic and they are good to go. Only the magic of Messi can make the difference.


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