Will Cristiano Ronaldo win the World Cup?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ever since taking over as the coach of Portugal national team, Fernando Santos has made a lot of changes in the team and made it one tough team to beat. Despite the fact that they have one of the best players in the world as their side (Ronaldo), Portugal still relies deeply in their solid defense at the back, which was the spark and shockingly made Portugal the surprising Euro 2016 winners. Although Santos’s men do lack a lot in their midfield but that gets covered as they have Ronaldo in their helm which gives them the confidence to always have a chance against any opponent.

Santos always tries to experiment with his team, Portugal has a verity of amazing attacking players. The wingers are one of a kind, with the likes of Andre Silva and Goncalo Guedes who will be replaced in the coming future by the likes of Nani and Quaresma.

Andre Silva is to share the front row seats of attack with Ronaldo himself and the likes of Berna do Silva and Nani who will support the attack playing as an attacking midfielder while players like Willian Cavallho, Jao Mario take a more central midfield role making the play for their attackers.

Ronaldo stated in one of his interviews that “We are not favorites, We have to be honest and humble and understand that, theoretically, there are teams with stronger names, like Brazil, Spain, Germany, also Argentina. “  the 33 year old player continued saying “At that point, there were players that stood out in the national team, like Rui Costa, Fernando Couto, [Luis] Figo. I always looked up to them. I had to play beside them. “Continuing stating that “Deco, too, but he came after that. I entered the national team at the same time as Deco “

Portugal is the team which has never won the World Cup in its history, but as much enthusiasm Messi shows in winning the trophy for his Country, the marksman of Real Madrid does not feel like he has to triumph at the World Cup to complete his insanely incredible career.

“Honestly, I don’t think so,” Ronaldo said when asked if he has any more goals. “I achieved everything I dreamt of in football. We can all have dreams and goals but I achieved so many beautiful things that I don’t have any dreams left. “He also stated that “If you ask me if I want to win the World Cup… of course! But if I had to end my career right now, I would be very proud. I never thought my career would be so beautiful.”

It can be easily predicted that Portugal is in no current shape and motivation to win the world cup. As Ronaldo stated himself that there are other great teams which they will face and have the players to lift the trophy.

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