Will Neymar win the World Cup?


Will Neymar win the World Cup?

There are a lot of contenders for the 2018 world cup in Russia; many people are predicting the victors during the Russian summers, and Brazil is one of the top predicted teams. While we don’t know for sure who’s going take the trophy home, we can always try to predict it.

Recently, Brazil Fan Usain Bolt said that the Brazilian team doesn’t have a chance of winning without Neymar.

It’s due time Brazil takes back the trophy and recover from the 2013 loss against Germany during the World Cup.

“I’d definitely like to go to the World Cup and see a few games, I’m a big fan of Argentina, that’s who I support, so I’ll definitely watch,” he told Goal after his last session with Dormtund. “I think Germany [are contenders] for sure, I think Brazil if Neymar comes back, Argentina and also France, I think those are my top four.”

Brazil legend Neymar has been out of action since early-March with accident and is also not expected back again until overdue May. The 25-year-old has have scored 20 goals in as much Ligue 1 game titles for Paris Saint-Germain which is likely to be essential for the Selecao, and Bolt needs challenging without him.

“[Neymar missing the World Cup] would be a big dampener on the team,” he said.

“Neymar is a high level player, he’s one of the best players in the world right now easily so if he doesn’t come back and if he’s not fit to play then I think they’ll miss out on a chance to win the World Cup.”

“So, I’m sure they’ll pick him for the World Cup because he’s one of the best and he scored the winning goal so there’s no way I think you should leave a player at that level out of the team.”

Neymar was kneed in the back and broke his vertebra back in the 2 – 1 lead over Colombia in the quarter finals.

“It’s strange because I didn’t finish that World Cup the way I wanted to. Obviously I wanted to crown it with the title, but I neither won nor lost. I didn’t finish the World Cup. My tournament ended with a serious injury and, unfortunately, I had to pay for that,” Neymar added.

“That was a really bad week for me. I cried a lot and asked myself many times why it had happened. But eventually you understand that everything that happens in life makes you stronger, even if it’s not something you want at that particular time. It helps you to learn and prepare yourself better in the future.

“I think this World Cup is going to be huge for Brazilians. Personally, I’m going give everything I’ve got to win it.”

Without Neymar, there is relatively little hope for the Brazilians to win the World Cup. However, with rumors floating that he will be fit and ready to play during the Russian summers, the tides may turn in the Brazilian’s favor.

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