World cup 2018: best way to travel

world cup russia 2018

Russia a land rich with culture and history will be hosting the 2018 FIFA World cup. People from all over the world will be arriving to watch the matches and support their home country while some people might just be traveling to visit Russia itself. One might get lost and confused since the event will attract people from all over the world and getting yourself to the games or just Russia will prove to be a great challenge. We will list a general guide as to how one should make about his/her way to ensure they don’t miss out on the FIFA goodness.

First of all to see the games one has to get themselves to Russia. Now the most efficient way to do that is to book a direct flight to any one of Russia’s major cities like Moscow, Kaluga, and Novosibirsk etc. You could always book a flight to its less populated cities but these major cities will help ensure you get good hotels and easy intercity travels.

Before getting a ticket you must ensure you’ve booked your hotels. Russia has a wide variety of hotels to offer. If you’re feeling a little generous and want to stay in a fancy hotel there’s loads of options to choose from like Lotte hotel Moscow, Four seasons hotel Moscow, Marco polo persona hotel etc. these are all rated five stars but they will be a little heavy on the wallet, if one’s not feeling to spend much on hotels Russia has some cheap good hotels to offer too like the Armada, Boutique Hotel Marussia, Hotel Vera, Pushka inn hotel etc.

Once you have decided on your hotel, got a ticket and arrived in Russia you have to figure out your mode of transport, then again Russia has a lot to offer from metros, buses and trains to taxis and rent a cars.

In order to promote tourism the Russian government is offering free travel to host cities for travelers, spectators and supporters alike. One must keep in mind though that whenever they want to travel around within Russia they must have a copy of their passport with them at all costs in case anything goes wrong and they have to contact their embassies. Like any other country Russia has a pretty decent crime rate, there are pickpockets in densely populated areas and tourist spots and to avoid them you have to keep your wallet close to your heart and carry a minimal amount of cash.

Listed below are some emergency numbers if anyone’s stuck in a sticky situation

  • 112,101- Telephone numbers of all emergency services
  • 101- Firefighters
  • 102- Police
  • 102- Emergency medical care.
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