World Cup 2018: to be Cancelled?

world cup

A great speculation exists that the FIFA world cup 2018 can and or maybe cancelled. A lot of news and rumors are flying around as to why. A news reporter claimed that the world cup may have to be abandoned due to fear of safety.

This issue arose after people criticized Russia’s current leader Vladimir Putin after Putin claimed he failed to prevent a suicide bombing on the underground in St Petersburg, Russia. International teams and tourists arriving from all over the world want their security to be guaranteed.

Any mishap like this could prove devastating for Russia. Another speculation arose after reports were released that Russian football hooligans were already in training and aiming to cause havoc. These battled trained Russian hooligans caused devastation in the European championship injuring multiple people in bare fist fights, reports suggests these very same Russian hooligans are in training to target people from England in the 2018 World Cup.

Another major issue that may lead to cancellation of the world cup arose when a former soviet spy and his daughter were found dead because of poisoning in England. A lot of people pointed their fingers at the Russian government including those belonging to UK Prime Minister Theresa May. England, Australia, Poland, Japan and Germany are some countries that may boycott in a coordinated retaliation if it is proven the Russian Government was indeed behind this poisoning.

Other reasons for such a boycott include Russia’s involvement in Syria and the atrocities committed by the Russian military. One rumor suggests that since the USA did not qualify for the world cup and taking into consideration the already sour relationship between Russia and USA the USA does not the world cup to happen so it is coming up with all sorts of allegations and safety issues to cancel the world cup but then again this a rumor and nothing can be known for sure. It is impossible to look at Russia without using the lens of current global events.US senator John McCain described Russia and President Vladimir Putin as a greater threat to word security than ISIS.

There is also belief among US intelligence officials that Russia has tampered with US elections. This in turn has created rising tensions between the two nations. With Russia giving out statements like showing retaliation against any US intervention in Syria has led many people to believe that a third world war is eminent, if that is indeed the case that could mean the end of the world let alone the world cup. Russian footballs history of racism can’t be erased.

More than 80% players of color report that they have been harassed by racial slurs and chants, this lead to anger, poor performance and other issues. Racism is highly looked down upon on international forums and this may contribute to the already existing factors of cancellation of the world cup 2018. Although some of these points are facts and some rumors one cannot be 100% sure that the world cup will be cancelled.

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